HUMAN MADE by NIGO® and STUDIO SEVEN, creative direction by NAOTO from EXILE. The long awaited collaboration will be released at UNITED ARROWS & SONS. The exclusive collection of seven items (sweat jumper, mohair cardigan, denim pants, T-shirt, vest, leather riders jacket and deck sneakers) shows unique fusion of two brands' identity. STUDIO SEVEN Fall/Winter collection will also be sold at this time.
For sales method for these collection, please read the following.

Release Date : 2nd December

These collections will be sold by a lottery sale at the store.
Customers who come to UNITED ARROWS & SONS Harajuku store on 2nd December, between 11:00-11:10AM will be able to draw lots for turn to purchase. Please bring your ID (either Driver License, passport, Student Card, health insurance card, Citizen Identification Card) *Please note we cannot accept Residence Card
The sales starts after the lottery is done. Customers can purchase one of each model of each color.

NIGO®氏が手がける<HUMAN MADE(ヒューマンメイド)>と、EXILEのNAOTO氏がクリエイティブディレクションを務める<STUDIO SEVEN(スタジオ セブン)>、この秋冬のコラボレーションコレクションをユナイテッドアローズ&サンズで発売いたします。全7型(スウェット・モヘアカーディガン・デニムパンツ・Tシャツ・ベスト・レザーライダース・デッキシューズ)のラインナップは、両ブランドのアイデンティティが融合した特別なコレクションに仕上がりました。また、同時に<STUDIO SEVEN>の秋冬コレクションも発売いたします。