ASICS Tiger × colette "GEL-LYTE V YUKATA"

The renowned Paris-based boutique, colette, along with ASICS Tiger team up again at this years Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo. Together they will unveil two interpretations of the iconic GEL-LYTE V shoes with a design inspired by the Yukata's pattern.
This collaboration consists of two GEL-LYTE V's. The first one in blue is made of printed leather with two-tone mesh in blue and white. The second one in white is made of embroidered leather. Each one features raised contrasted Tiger stripes on the inner side, embroidered colette and ASICS Tiger logos on the heel, and will drop with 2 pairs of waxed laces.
For celebrating this collaboration, UNITED ARROWS & SONS will hold Pop Up Store from 17th October to 22nd. Two collaboration models will be displayed and another Asics Tiger model that is selected by colette creative director Sarah Andelman will be available during the event.

We also have a launching reception party at UNITED ARROWS & SONS store on 18th October 18:00-20:00. It is free party and everyone can join with team of colette and our staff.

■POP-UP STORE information
Date : 17th October to 22nd
*Please note that collaboration models are on sale on 22nd October with lottery. From 17th October to 21st, models are only displayed. Please see sales method below.

■Sales method for Asics Tiger × colette "GEL-LYTE V YUKATA"
This exclusive model will be a lottery sale at the store.
Customers who come to UNITED ARROWS & SONS Harajuku store on 22nd October 10:00-10:10AM can apply for the lottery for turn to purchase. Please bring your ID (either Driver License, passport, Student Card, health insurance card, Citizen Identification Card) *Please note We do not accept Residence Card
After the lottery customer could purchase in numerical order. One customer could purchase one size for each color (Maximum 2)

■Launch Party information
We welcome team of Colette at our store to celebrate this collaboration on 18th October. We serve fine Japanese Sake that has three brands logo on and casual drinks and food. This is open space party so please join us if you are in Tokyo
Date : 18th October 2016 18:00-20:00
Place : UNITED ARROWS & SONS Harajuku

世界的に有名なフランス パリのセレクトショップ<colette(コレット)>と、日本発のスポーツライフスタイルブランド<ASICS Tiger(アシックス タイガー)>のコラボレーションスニーカーを発売します。
今回のコラボレーションの発売を記念し、ユナイテッドアローズ&サンズではポップアップストア、ならびにローンチパーティを開催します。ポップアップストアの開催期間中は今回のコラボレーションモデルの展示のほか、コレットのディレクターであるサラ・アンデルマン氏がセレクトしたアシックス タイガーの名品がお求めいただけます。ぜひこの機会にご来店ください。

■ASICS Tiger × colette "GEL-LYTE V YUKATA" 発売方法


パリのコレットより、クリエイティブディレクター サラ・アンデルマン氏をはじめとした本国スタッフが来日し、オープン形式でローンチパーティを行います。当日はささやかですが3社のロゴ入り日本酒と、ドリンク、フードをみなさまにご提供いたします。
 ※ 数に限りがございますので、ご了承ください
・日時:2016年10月18日(火) 18時から20時まで